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Overshadowed By Paris: Did You Know A Twin Bombing Killed 43, wounded 240 in Beirut?

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Sat, 14 Nov 2015 21:33:20 Z)

The massacre of 128 people in Friday's Paris terror attacks, a seismic event in world history, overshadowed a twin bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, hours earlier that killed 43 people and wounded another 240. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in both capitals.

The Lebanese bombings happened in a crowded Shiite community in a southern Beirut suburb Thursday night, an area that is a stronghold of the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Lebanese investigators arrested five Syrians and a Palestinian suspects, a senior security source said Saturday.

The low level of world media attention to the Lebanese terror attack compared to the massive coverage of the French violence triggered more than a few social media posts suggesting that Arab lives are not as valued as western lives. Lead Stories' Trendolizer identified as trending this article titled: "From Beirut, This Is Paris: In A World That Doesn't Care About Arab Lives"

"Today, 128 innocent civilians in Paris are no longer with us. Yesterday, 45 innocent civilians in Beirut were no longer with us. The death tolls keep rising, but we never seem to learn.

"Amid the chaos and tragedy of it all, one nagging thought wouldn't leave my head. It's the same thought that echoes inside my skull at every single one of these events, which are becoming sadly very recurrent: we don't really matter.

"When my people were blown to pieces on the streets of Beirut on November 12th, the headlines read: explosion in Hezbollah stronghold, as if delineating the political background of a heavily urban area somehow placed the terrorism in context.

"When my people died on the streets of Beirut on November 12th, world leaders did not rise in condemnation. There were no statements expressing sympathy with the Lebanese people."

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