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Have a tip about something we should look at? Additional information that could change the conclusion of a fact check? Email [email protected] and let us know.

Facebook Appeals/Corrections

If something you published has been rated by Lead Stories under Facebook's Third-Party Fact Checking Partnership and you wish to appeal the rating or notify us that you published a correction:

  • First make sure you have read Facebook's guidelines for publishers (especially the section about appeals/corrections and the need to publish a correction notice)
  • Do NOT delete the article/post/image/video (this makes it impossible to change the rating)
  • Do NOT change the URL of the article/post/image/video (this makes it impossible to change the rating)
  • Then send a message to: [email protected] including the URL you are appealing about or which you have corrected. Facebook has provided email templates you can use to make sure your message includes all the relevant information.


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Need to get hold of one of our reporters? Email [email protected] with their name in the subject line.

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