Just Because It's Trending Doesn't Mean It's True

Corrections Policy

Noticed a mistake? Have additional info? Let us know via our contact page...

Why, how and when we update articles:

Lead Stories aims to get correct information out as soon as possible after we detect a piece of trending fake news. Unfortunately this means we sometimes make mistakes (although we try our best to avoid them) or that we sometimes publish as soon as we have just the bare minimum of facts needed to prove something is fake.

Additional facts coming to light will get added at the bottom of an article in the "Updates" section, along with the date/time when the updates were made. An updated article will get an "STORY UPDATED: check for updates below" notification line right at the start. If the updates are important enough to warrant edits to the body of the story this will be noted in the "Updates" section as well along with the information that was replaced.

If it turns out we were wrong about a part of a story we will also note this in the updates section. If fixing the mistake warrants changing the conclusion of the story we will note this in the updates section and we will alter the title of the story + send out social media notifications for the story again with the updated title.

Any person mentioned in our articles can request (via our contact page) that we publish their comments about it in an update to the story and we will gladly comply (as long as the content of their comments is legal to publish and doesn't cause us to violate the Terms of Service of our hosting and advertising providers). Note: we might require proof of identity first in some cases to avoid trolling and spamming.

We can and will occasionally silently correct grammar, spelling and style elements in any article post-publication as long as it doesn't change the information in the article. We feel that fixing a random typo doesn't really merit explicit notification (unless of course it is in a name important to the story for example and it might lead to confusion about who exactly we are talking about).