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Video: These iPhone Movies And Shorts Will Blow Your Mind

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Thu, 24 Dec 2015 05:52:45 Z)

Smartphones have changed the world. Many of the ways they would change the world were obvious before the first iPhone was ever released. Clearly, the ability to download apps, pay bills in the palm of your hand, send messages, take photos, and do business on the go were at the core of the smartphone. But did anyone even have an inkling that the devices might be used to make feature films? More importantly, did anyone ever think that these feature films would actually look good?

iPhone videography has progressed so much that a Swiss news station recently got rid of their entire fleet of professional cameras and replaced them with iPhones. To be completely transparent, all of the videos in this article use hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of accessories to get the quality and effects you are seeing in these clips.

Regardless, it is truly impressive to see what is being done with such an unlikely production tool. One of the videos below even made it into the Sundance Film Festival. Certainly one of the factors pushing this new genre of filmmaking is the 'WOW' factor. These filmmakers are getting lots of attention for work that might generally seem average in Hollywood, but because it is done with a phone, we cannot help but watch because it is mind-boggling how professional the results look.

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