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Justice: Thousands Donated After Retiring Cop Told K-9 Will Be Auctioned

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Sun, 31 Jan 2016 07:29:59 Z)

This story came out earlier today, but it is too important not to write about.

After 34 years of service, an Ohio police officer retired this week. Matthew Hickey assumed his K-9 partner would be joining him.

But due to a state law, his partner, Ajax, was to be auctioned off as any other old county property. Needless to say, Hickey was fuming. Donors began chipping in thousands so Hickey could put in a bid.

"I love K-9 training and K-9 work," Hickey said. Hickey became a K-9 police office in 1998 and has been with Ajax for four years.

People in Marietta and across the country have stepped up to help Hickey. A GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for Hickey to enter a bid for Ajax.

No date has yet been set for Ajax's auction. Potential buyers will submit sealed bids which will be opened on a certain date, and bidders will have a chance to increase their bids.

The mayor added a stipulation to the bidding.

"It has to be someone who is a dog handler and familiar with K-9 dogs," Matthews said. "I wish the state would change that law."

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Posted by Marietta Ohio on Friday, January 29, 2016

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