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Instant Karma! Crook's Arm Ripped Off After Failed Robbery Attempt

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Fri, 12 Feb 2016 21:24:31 Z)

Situational awareness. This is a prime case of keeping your head on pivot.

A would-be robbery victim got some street justice on Friday when a man held him up at gunpoint -- and he sped away so fast, it ripped the gunman's arm off, police sources said. Yes, that makes him a "one arm bandit"!

The crook got up and tried to flee on a city bus, but eventually collapsed in the street and may not survive.

On Friday afternoon, the bus was pulled over on 80th Avenue with some blood on the floor of the front entrance.

"I was walking up the sidewalk and I heard a boom behind me," said a postal worker who declined to give her name. "I just kept it moving. I saw somebody run on the bus with a missing arm."

The pair met through Craigslist, where they had arranged to exchange a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

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