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Super Tuesday 2016: Trump, Clinton Dominate, But Cruz, Rubio, Sanders Win Enough To Keep Going

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Tue, 01 Mar 2016 23:59:12 Z)

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Donald Trump's path to be the Republican Presidential nominee became clearer with seven Super Tuesday wins, but none of his rivals were knocked out. Ted Cruz, who won in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska, called on Marco Rubio to consider dropping out and helping him stop Trump. Rubio rejects the idea he should quit. He did win the Minnesota caucuses and has the primary in his home state of Florida to look forward to on March 15. Ben Carson and John Kasich brought up the rear, but both candidates insist they are still contenders.

The idea of Hillary Clinton's inevitability to be the Democratic nominee became stronger with seven wins, including Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas and Arkansas. Bernie Sanders did claim Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado and his home state of Vermont.

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: Ted Cruz wins Alaska’s GOP caucus. Here results are is the final Super Tuesday scorecard: Republicans Donald Trump - 7 states (Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Vermont) Ted Cruz - 3 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska) Marco Rubio - 1 state (Minnesota) Democrats Hillary Clinton - 7 states (Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Massachusetts) Bernie Sanders - 4 states (Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota)



: Hillary Clinton will edge out Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts, but Sanders wins Colorado caucuses.

: Marco Rubio will get his first win. CNN projects that Rubio wins the Minnesota caucuses.

: Marco Rubio is not backing down. He tells CNN Jake Tapper he will not accept Ted Cruz’s invitation to quit the GOP and support him. Rubio suggest it was not a good night for Cruz, who had hoped to win more southern states. “We’re going to pic up a major number of delegates,” Rubio said. And he is “confident that you’re going to see us being to win contests.” If Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, “it will be the end of the modern Republican Party.”




: John Kasich is in contention in one state:

: Marco Rubio is LEADING early in the Minnesota caucuses! Just 6% of the votes are counted, but if he hangs in the lead, it could give him a nail to hang his hat on until the primary in his home state of Florida on March 15.

: So far Donald Trump wins: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas. Cruz Wins: Texas, Oklahoma.

: Ted Cruz: "God bless the Lone Star State and God Bless the state of Oklahoma." In his Super Tuesday speech, Cruz stresses he's beaten Trump three times. “Our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, than can beat and will beat Donald Trump.” He then calls on Rubio to quit the GOP race and join him. “I ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together, uniting.” Together, they can stop Trump, he says.

: Donald Trump says he liked Marco Rubio before he ‘went Don Rickles’ on him. He says Rickles has more talent.

: Trump vows ’We’re going to spend a lot of time in Florida’ to defeat Lil’ Rubio. Trump calls Marco Rubio the big loser. ’He hasn’t won anything, period!’

: Donald Trump says the GOP should recognize that he has brought over voters from the Democratic Party and independents. “We have expanded the Republican Party… We are going to be a much finer party, a unified party, a much bigger party.” It will be "more inclusive," he said.

: Sanders takes Oklahoma, his second Super Tuesday state.

: Watch the LIVE STREAM of Donald Trump speaking about his Super Tuesday victories here:

: Ted Cruz edges Trump for first in Oklahoma.

: Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton will both win Texas, CNN Projects.



: Hillary Clinton is speaking from Miami, Florida.

: Donald Trump wins Virginia with about 36%. Marco Rubio gets 2nd, Ted Cruz 3rd. It is possible Donald Trump could win 10 Super Tuesday states if early trends hold up.

: The GOP race in Arkansas is tight early between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

: With 17% of the vote counted in in Texas: Ted Cruz leads his home state with 38%, Donald Trump has 28% and Marco Rubio is third with 20%. Hillary Clinton has a 2-1 margin over Bernie Sanders in Texas. Clinton has also been projected to win Arkansas, the state where her husband served as governor.


: With 75% of the GOP vote counted in Virginia, Donald Trump leads at 37%, second is Marc Rubio with 30%, and Ted Cruz trails in third with 17%.

: Early vote count in Oklahoma shows a tight GOP race between Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

: CNN projects that Donald Trump will win Alabama, Tennessee and Massachusetts. Trump has already locked up a win in Georgia. CNN also projected Hillary Clinton will win Alabama and Tennessee, along with Georgia and Virginia.

: Bernie Sanders reminds supporters that even through Clinton may win more states "by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates.” 35 states remain to vote after Super Tuesday.


: Bernie Sanders has won his home state of Vermont, which is not a surprise. "It is good to be home," Sanders said in a victory speech.

: Donald Trump wins Georgia! The margin is so big CNN was able to call the Peach State of the billionaire just 24 minutes after polls closed.

: Hillary Clinton claims victory in Virginia ad Georgia seconds after the polls close.

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