Just Because It's Trending Doesn't Mean It's True

David George

David George.pngDavid George, a staff writer and fact-checker at Lead Stories, has held about every job there is in a broadcast newsroom during a career spanning just under 50 years. He spent 20 years in local news - in Grand Rapids, Louisville, Dayton (Ohio) and North Carolina - doing everything from street reporting to working as a photographer/video editor, documentary producer, news director and prime-time anchor.

George retired after another 26 years with CNN, where he was a writer/editor and on-air science/technology reporter for a weekly program called "Future Watch." For a decade, George was part of a small group of executive producers who vetted correspondents' scripts for factual, legal and ethical red flags. Together, they were the gatekeepers for pieces cleared to air.

Among other things, George covered the Civil Rights movement and the 1991 war to push Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait.

He is the recipient of four regional Emmys for documentary production and spot-news reporting in Ohio, along with numerous awards from state and local organizations. One of his stories - the on-camera shooting death by police of a man who had taken hostages at gunpoint - won a National Headliners Award in 1992.

Living north of Atlanta now, George holds a degree from Indiana University in Broadcast Journalism and Comparative Literature.

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