Just Because It's Trending Doesn't Mean It's True

Wayne Drash

waynedrash.jpgWayne Drash, a staff writer and fact-checker for Lead Stories, is a former senior producer and writer for CNN's Health team, telling narratives about life and the unfolding drama of the world we live on. He specialized in covering complex major issues, such as health insurance, the opioid epidemic and Big Pharma.

Drash was consistently named one of the nation's top Digital writers by the National Headliner Awards. He also earned an Emmy for work with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on a documentary about two boys born conjoined at the head.

During his two decades at CNN, Drash headed TV/Web integration efforts, working with correspondents worldwide to bring their stories to the network's digital platforms. Drash also holds the unique title of the longest-serving writer in CNN Digital history, having begun at the world's most read news website shortly after it launched in 1995.

A "Dotcom" revolutionary, Drash brings his talents to Lead Stories to sniff out and hunt down the real fake news.

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