Hoax Alert: Ted Nugent DID NOT Say 'Those Homos Willingly Committed Suicide By Not Carrying Guns'

Hoax Alert

  • by: Jeremy Smith
Hoax Alert: Ted Nugent DID NOT Say 'Those Homos Willingly Committed Suicide By Not Carrying Guns'

There is a hateful NOT TRUE story trending on the internet stating "Ted Nugent: "Those Homos Willingly Committed Suicide By Not Carrying Guns." As if the murder of 50 innocent people isn't tragic enough, now the HOAX websites feel the need to post hateful rhetoric in hopes of people liking and sharing their LIES.

The HOAX story comes from Newslo.com, a website that takes information out of context to create NOT TRUE stories. A small piece of the HOAX story:

Those idiot homos practically killed themselves by choosing not to have a gun on them at all times," the guitarist continued blasting away. "I don't like f*gs any more than I like democrats, but when it's all said and done, I still like them better than Muslims and illegal immigrants.

Ted Nugent is consistently a target of hoax stories because of his extreme views and his willingness to express them publicly. The first paragraph of the NOT TRUE story took parts of this 2015 post to WND from Nugent titled "The answer: Get a damn handgun."

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Jeremy Smith is from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is an editor at Lead Stories, www.leadstories.com, mainly focusing on debunking hoax stories. 

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