Fact Check: Patent Documents Do NOT 'Expose Medical Devices' In COVID Vaccines, Including Injectable Tracking And Computing System

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  • by: Dean Miller
Fact Check: Patent Documents Do NOT 'Expose Medical Devices' In COVID Vaccines, Including Injectable Tracking And Computing System Wrong patent

Do patent documents "expose" the existence of microscopic computing, tracking and medical devices in the COVID vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer? No, that's not true: The patents described are for the lipids used to send mRNA instructions into human cells to train the body to attack the spike protein that distinguishes the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Food & Drug Administration calls claims about electronics in the vaccine "completely false." The maker of the smallest-known tracking chip says the claimed technology does not exist. The claim rests on interpretations of technical literature by a self-described erectile dysfunction drug sales representative, not independent lab tests of vaccine contents.

The claim originates in this October 15, 2021 episode of the Stew Peters video podcast (archived here) titled: "RECEIPTS: Patents Expose "Medical Devices" in Jab, Injectable Computing System" which opened:

Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the "safe and effective" narrative surrounding the failed "vaccines", which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan. Dr. Z

Users on social media only saw this title, description and thumbnail:

RECEIPTS: Patents Expose "Medical Devices" in Jab, Injectable Computing System

Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the "safe and effective" narrative surrounding the failed "vaccines", which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan. Dr. Z

This fact check addresses Kingston's and Peters' main claims, and not several others made in the video.

Host Stew Peters, at the 0:14 mark of the video, says Kingston has confirmed claims about technology in COVID vaccines (debunked by Lead Stories) that have been made by others on his show. Peters introduces Kingston, saying:

... bringing through the patents bringing through the receipts is Karen Kingston who joins us now and she's back with more receipts patents that prove medical devices are inside of these inoculations, some sort of an injectable computing system

Kingston, at 0:42, summarizes her claims as follows:

So what we have is there are four advanced technologies that are part of these injections, and the purpose of them is to trace your social network and your activity as well as deliver different drugs and genetics and immune modulating processes and stuff like that.

The FDA has all-but-dared conspiracy theorists to prove the claim, posting to Twitter an absolute rejection of the computers-in-vaccines claim:

The FDA's bet that the claim can't be supported is a safe one, based on the current state of microelectronics.

The internal diameter of the 22-to-25-gauge needles used to deliver COVID vaccines is smaller than the smallest known nanorobot or even a simple device like a self-powered radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with enough antenna to broadcast beyond a few inches.

At North Carolina State University, engineers unveiled in May, 2021 what was thought to be the smallest radio frequency identification, RFID, chip to date. Prof. Paul Franzon, who published results of the project, said the signal from an injectable chip couldn't travel 4 inches without a bigger antenna and power source. In an October 26, 2021, email to Lead Stories, Franzon dismissed tracker chip claims as fiction:

... injecting an RFID chip and then tracking a person's location with that as he/she moves around a city is a myth and is technically infeasible.

In the video, Kingston says Moderna's website includes the patents that show the company is loading COVID vaccines with microelectronics.

But the Moderna site's list of patents shows development of messenger RNA technologies it has been working on since 2018, when it won patents for materials that allow mRNA to be injected, teaching the human immune system to recognize pathogens and wipe them out. The patents are not for robots, tracker chips or other injectable microelectronics.

Here are the patents on that page:

US 10,703,789, filed July, 12, 2019 for a pharmaceutical composition which has a plurality of lipid nanoparticles that has a mean particle size of between 80 nm and 160 nm and contains a modified mRNA encoding a polypeptide.

US 10,702,600, filed February 28, 2020 for respiratory virus ribonucleic acid (RNA) vaccines and combination vaccines, as well as methods of using the vaccines and compositions comprising the vaccines .
US 10,577,403, filed June 12, 2019 for compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmRNA molecules.
US 10,442,756, filed December 18, 2017, for nanoparticle compositions, to include a novel lipid as well as additional lipids such as phospholipids, structural lipids, and PEG lipid. Nanoparticle compositions further including therapeutic and/or prophylactics such as RNA are useful in the delivery of therapeutic and/or prophylactics to mammalian cells or organs to, for example, regulate polypeptide, protein, or gene expression.

US 10,266,485 filed June 11, 2018, for the same compositions described in patent #10,442,756 (above.)
US 10,064,959, filed April 21, 2017 for modified nucleosides, nucleotides, and nucleic acid, and methods of using them.
US 9,868,692, filed March 21, 2017, for the same compositions described in #10,442,756 and in #10,266,485 (above).

The ingredients listed on an Emergency Use Authorization fact sheet for the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine do not include electronic components.

Peters has referred to Kingston as a whistleblower and pharmaceuticals analyst, but her own LinkedIn bio describes a career in pharmaceutical marketing strategy:

She began her career as a top performing Pfizer sales representative in NYC and was quickly recruited to the marketing side of the business. She played an integral role in the re-launch of VIAGRA shifting the focus to younger men and empowering patients to speak to their doctors about Viagra. She has led sales training, marketing and communication workshops and has appeared on FOX, MSNBC, and CBS as the spokeswoman and Director of US Marketing for InnoVision Labs.

Lead Stories reached out by email to Pfizer to ask about Kingston's employment at Pfizer as well as the claims she made about graphene oxide. A media relations officer wrote back in an August 4, 2021, email:

... it's a lengthy process to verify former employees but I can confirm that she was not involved in the research, development or manufacturing of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

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