TRENDING VIDEO: Top 10 'SNL' Moments When The Cast Broke Character

  • by: Jeremy Smith
TRENDING VIDEO: Top 10 'SNL' Moments When The Cast Broke Character

This past weekend on Saturday Night Live a magical thing happened -- the cast of SNL and the episode's host, Ryan Gosling, all broke character.

It's not unheard of for SNL cast members to break character; Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler did a whole song about this on theSNL 40 special last spring. The combination of sleep deprivation, very talented comedians and the show's breakneck development pace ensures that there are going to be breaks even from the strictest comedian. However, these are trained comedy professionals, and breaks are rare. So when they happen, we love them even more.

The most noticeable breakage from last weekend's episode goes to Ryan Gosling during the "Close Encounter" sketch. All the performers crack up throughout the five-minute clip, but Gosling definitely has the best reactions. Check out the four-minute mark for the best Gosling giggles:

10. "Aquarium Repairmen" (Season 28, Episode 9)

9. "Super Showcase" (Season 37, Episode 15)

8. "Matt Foley: Talking to Kids About Drugs" (Season 18, Episode 19)

7. "Jeffrey's" (Season 26, Episode 18)

6. "The Californians" (Season 37, Episode 19)

5. "Stefon" (Season 35, Episode 20)

4. "Right to Extreme Stupidity" (Season 2, Episode 10)

3. "Hot Tub Lovers" (Season 27, Episode 3)

2. "Debbie Downer: Happiest Place on Earth" (Season 29, Episode 18)

1. "Behind the Music (More Cowbell)" (Season 25, Episode 16)

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