Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Started: We're Looking For These Answers About His Promised Election Fraud Evidence


  • by: Dean Miller
Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Started: We're Looking For These Answers About His Promised Election Fraud Evidence We're Checking

Will the materials Mike Lindell releases at his Cyber Symposium meet evidentiary standards of authenticity to support his claim the 2020 election was stolen? Here's how Lead Stories will test the data: By asking the questions we sent to him August 3, 2021.

Lead Stories will tune into the symposium to ask the questions we have been asking since he began claiming he has evidence the 2020 election was stolen. He has promised all will be revealed at the South Dakota event.

The following chart, which we will update during the Cyber Symposium, summarizes the questions by which cybersecurity experts say the data can be authenticated.

For now, all are rated "Not answered yet" and we'll change those ratings if and when evidence is made public.

Lindell Data Graphic1.jpg

During the weeks leading up to the Cyber Symposium, Lead Stories staff spoke with Lindell and a member of his team, and national election security and cybersecurity experts.To ensure accuracy and provide expert assessment of the materials, Lead Stories arranged to send to the symposium Robert Graham, a cybersecurity expert well known for inventing several internet security tools. Graham will examine any data Lindell releases and consult with us in assessing them. You can follow him live on Twitter via @ErrataRob (and Lead Stories via @LeadStoriesCom).

  Dean Miller

Lead Stories staff writer Dean Miller has edited daily and weekly newspapers, worked as a reporter for more than a decade and is co-author of two non-fiction books. After a one-year Harvard Nieman Fellowship, he served as Director of Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy for six years. As Senior Vice President/Content at Connecticut Public Broadcasting, a dual licensee, he oversaw radio, TV and print journalists, and documentary producers. He moved west to teach journalism at Western Washington University, edit The Port Townsend Leader and write the twice-weekly Save The Free Press column for the Seattle Times. Miller won the 2007 national Mirror Award for news industry coverage and he led the team that won the 2005 Scripps Howard first amendment prize. 

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