Fact Check: There Is NO Evidence German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack Died From Unnatural Causes

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  • by: Sarah Schmidt

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Fact Check: There Is NO Evidence German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack Died From Unnatural Causes Cause Unknown

Was a German chemist murdered for exposing the truth about graphene hydroxide in COVID-19 vaccines? No, that's not true: There is no evidence Dr. Andreas Noack died from unnatural causes. A spokesperson for the Landespolizeidirektion Kärnten, the state police headquarters in the Austrian state of Carinthia, confirmed Noack's death in a December 7, 2021, phone call to Lead Stories.

Details about the cause of death will not be released due to data protection laws, but the police told Lead Stories that Noack died on the way to the hospital in Wolfsberg, Carinthia, on November 26, 2021, after an ambulance had been called to his residence due to a medical emergency. A doctor ruled that Noack's death was due to natural causes.

The office of the public prosecution in Carinthia, the Staatsanwaltschaft Klagenfurt, had also closed a preliminary investigation as of December 7, 2021, after not finding any indication that a crime had occurred. The only source for the claim that Noack was murdered were two videos that his life partner uploaded to their shared channel on the messenger app Telegram on November 27, 2021, and November 29, 2021. However, these videos contain contradictory information on the manner and time of death.

The claim that Noack was murdered appeared in the title of a video posted to Bitchute on November 28, 2021, titled "MURDER! Just hours after publishing the secret of the Vax the Dr is DEAD" (archived here).

Users on social media only saw this title, description and thumbnail:

MURDER! Just hours after publishing the secret of the Vax the Dr is DEAD.

Noack became known to social media users worldwide in November 2020, when a video of one of his livestreams being interrupted by a police raid went viral. At the time, rumors circulated that Noack had been arrested for speaking out against government measures to fight the COVID pandemic in Germany.

Lead Stories debunked the arrest claim at the time when police clarified that Noack had not been the target of the raid. After rumors of Noack's murder went viral, some users showed the footage of the police raid from November 2020, falsely claiming it showed an attack by police shortly before Noack's murder by the authorities. There is no footage showing Noack's death, and rumors that he was physically attacked by police were later refuted by his partner.

Shortly after his alleged arrest in 2020, Noack went back to livestreaming content several hours a day, building an increasingly complex mythology about a divine plan to save the world that only he had access to, drawing on a wide range of sources from popular culture and philosophy, such as the Matrix movie trilogy, Pink Floyd songs and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War." Other examples of Noack's content can be seen in this English-language Zoom session and this interview with YouTuber and cult leader Eligio Lee Bishop, also known as Nature Boy.

Noack's livestreams stopped after January 7, 2021. His Telegram channels were taken over by his life partner, known as Anna. In the fall of 2021, Noack reappeared and started posting shorter videos to his Telegram channel. He had also relocated from Langenzenn in Bavaria, Germany, to Carinthia.

In a video posted to Noack's Telegram channel on November 23, 2021, reproduced in the above post with English subtitles, the chemist had claimed that the vaccines against COVID-19 contain graphene oxide, or, as he claims, graphene hydroxide, which allegedly act as nano-sized razorblades inside the body. Lead Stories has debunked claims that COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide before, or, as Noack claims here, graphene hydroxide.

In the video, Noack claimed to be an expert on graphene. He received a Ph.D. in chemistry from TU Darmstadt in 1995, and, according to a short biography on a 2007 flyer announcing a talk at a center for the promotion of nanotechnology, he later founded several companies. For a company called Blue Membranes GmbH, Noack filed several patents, mostly for membranes used to separate fluid mixtures. Up until 2012, he was on the board of another company called Vinna AG, which developed mineral supplements and nutraceuticals. There is no evidence that Noack has published research on graphene or nanotechnology.

Since the mid-2010s, Noack mostly appeared on alternative media outlets in Germany, promoting unconfirmed theories on nutrition and the use of mineral supplements. His last known professional activity was an organization called Ursprunc e.V. through which Noack promoted paid seminars on nutrition and mineral supplements. The website for the organization is no longer online as of December 9, 2021, but an archived version can be found here.

Noack's death was made public by his life partner Anna in a video posted to Telegram on November 27, 2021. A version with English subtitles can be seen here. Around the 1:40 mark, Anna claims that Noack "was heavily, heavily attacked." She goes on to say, "the assault was extremely sneaky and unexpected, and I am burdened with the terrible task to tell you, Andreas did not survive that." This phrasing led social media users to speculate that Noack had been directly and physically attacked, possibly by police. On November 29, 2021, however, Anna posted another video in German, clarifying that Noack was not attacked, but died from a heart attack at the hospital. She alleges that the heart attack was caused by microwaves, offering no proof for the claim.

Below is a partial translation of what Anna says in the video:

It was the day that the graphene hydroxide video was released ... everything was normal. We talked, we laughed, we told each other how much we love each other. And then he wanted to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a snack, and usually, he never stays there for longer than a minute. So, I went downstairs and said jokingly, 'Hey, what are you doing down here, are you eating all my snacks?' That's when he started swaying, and I thought he was kidding, he looked like he just acted as if he was drunk.

I went up to him and kissed him, and went like, 'hahaha,' but he did not stop. I told him it wasn't funny anymore and that he should stop. That's when the power went out. The whole thing happened 20 minutes ... I didn't check the time. And then he just collapsed in my arms. He started moaning, he was in extreme pain, his body started tensing up completely, he couldn't coordinate his movements, he suddenly could not talk anymore.

At first, I thought he had been poisoned. I gave him saline solution and he threw up what little he had eaten that day. I had eaten from it, too, so it could not be poisoning.

I just couldn't do anything, I was with Andreas and had to watch him writhe. I had never seen anything like this, it was torture, it looked like someone was torturing him from outside. This took about half an hour, maybe longer, it seemed like an eternity to me. He could not speak, it was like he was paralyzed, but I can't really describe it. I just held him and made sure he did not hit his head. Eventually, he calmed down, his body was just exhausted from the whole thing. He collected himself for a moment and could get up again, he was still slightly dizzy, went upstairs, he somehow pulled himself up the stairs, and then, yes, he slowly recovered, but was very exhausted and did not want to talk. And yes, I noticed that he was very exhausted. I don't know if he knew what was happening to him. He needed a lot of rest but said he felt fine and did not want anyone to know about this ...

The night of November 25th to the 26th, I noticed that he was very restless in his sleep, that he was also sweating a lot and had a fever. But I did not want to wake him up, he needed his rest. At one point, I can't really tell how much time had passed, anyway, at one point he started breathing really heavily and he was wheezing, and that's when I got really scared ... I started screaming, I screamed at him to get out of it, to come back to me, and then I had to cry because it was so terrible. I cried and he still tried to comfort me. I told him I was going to call an ambulance, I was busy making sure that he could breathe easily, I moved his body into different positions to make sure he was able to breathe, and he had more and more water in his lungs, he was wheezing and then he could not spit out this stuff, I even got it out of him with my hands.

The emergency service called me during that, and they told me to perform CPR on him, and that's what I did. I performed a heart massage and rescue breathing and just did what they told me, it felt like hours ... Then they were there, six people arrived and hooked him up to this automatic ... automatic machine and injected him with all kinds of stuff, adrenaline and stuff. They were wearing their masks the whole time, I told them, take off your masks, you can't even breathe. They were able to ... I kept asking if he was still alive ... they said, not right now, but they were in the process of resuscitating him, and then they had him back. In that moment, they were able to transport him and take him downstairs ... We then drove to Wolfsberg, but I could not see him anyway, because I could not do anything and they had to get him in a room with a ventilator and I was not allowed to enter that. Before they take him inside, I was allowed to see him, and I asked how things looked, and they said they were able to bring him back, and things actually looked good ... Then they brought him out, and I went up to him and put my head on his chest, he was intubated, and I told him how much I love him. Then they wheeled him inside, I had to wait outside, I wasn't even really aware of what was happening. Then the doctors came upstairs and put their heads together, that was right after, as soon as they had him inside, they came back out, and when they talked among themselves, I knew what was going on. They said his large cardiac valve had failed completely, he had a heart attack and died from it.

At this point, a voice from behind the camera asks: "Many people understood that people had come to his place and had attacked him. What you meant, however, was a microwave attack, that was the reason." Anna replies: "I don't know a lot about these things, how something like that works. But he always said they have this kind of technology."

Further evidence of Anna's account has not been released up to this point. It is worth noting, however, that her claims contradict both the official police statement, according to which Noack died on the way to the hospital. The video from November 29, 2021, shows a picture at the beginning, giving Noack's date of death as November 26, 2021. In the video itself, however, Anna's claims that Noack died the day the graphene hydroxide video went online, and the day an interview with a man named Harald Thiers took place. According to posts in the couple's Telegram channel, this would mean Noack died on the 23rd -- a post announcing the interview on that day can be found here, the first upload of the graphene hydroxide video on November 23 is linked here.


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Sarah Schmidt is a fact checker, freelance journalist and translator based in Berlin, Germany. She has worked as a reporter for KCRW Berlin.  She has also written and translated cultural criticism for the Goethe-Institut in Washington, D.C. and taught English as a second language in a Berlin prison.

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