Fact Check: 22-Point Meme Of Conspiracy Memes Is Mix Of Falsehoods, Predictions, And Some Truth

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  • by: Eric Ferkenhoff
Fact Check: 22-Point Meme Of Conspiracy Memes Is Mix Of Falsehoods, Predictions, And Some Truth Fact Check: 22-Point Meme Of Conspiracy Memes Is Mix Of Falsehoods, Predictions, And Some Truth Fact Check: 22-Point Meme Of Conspiracy Memes Is Mix Of Falsehoods, Predictions, And Some Truth Some Fiction

Is a meme listing 22 points, including conspiracy claims about 5G hazards, adrenochrome, Jeffrey Epstein, Pizzagate, and Britain's Royal Family factual? Mostly no, although some points are true and others are just predictions that cannot be fact checked.

An example of the massive meme is found in a post (archived here) shared on Facebook June 4, 2020. It opened:


This is what the post looked like on Facebook at the time of writing:

(Source: Facebook screenshot taken on Tue Jun 9 14:56:23 2020 UTC)

Below is a screenshot of the post's claims. For the remainder of the post, which attempts to explain its reasoning, read to the bottom for the second-part screenshot:


It's a long list, so we'll take it one by one:

The entire world is in lockdown.
Let that sink in..
(If it hasn't already)

No, this is not true considering, at the time of the post -- June 4 -- most economies in the United States and globally had started reopening through phased plans that allow various industries, including restaurants and office buildings, to start resuming business. Also, there is no evidence that, at any point during the COVID-19 pandemic, the "entire world" was in lockdown. There are reports, in fact, that the lockdowns saved perhaps millions of lives.

▪️5G is being rolled out world wide conveniently at the same time....
(Research health effects of 5G)
This is partly false, as 5G technology -- the new generation in the development of wireless tech -- has covered much of the developed world, but it is nowhere close to reaching worldwide coverage. Also, on many occasions, Lead Stories and others have debunked claims that 5G is any more dangerous to the public than the current wireless technology, while 5G holds the promise of creating new sectors for the economy and boosting existing industry through, among other things, boosting data transfer rates.
▪️Prince Harry and Megan leave the royal family.
(I would too if I found out my own family had my mother killed, and were satan worshipping, child traffickers)

While it is true that Harry and Megan left their royal duties to pursue a more independent life, the second part about the Royal Family being "satan worshipping, child traffickers" is backed by no evidence. The Royal Family have been known to practice the Christian faith in the Anglican Church. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

▪️Prince Andrew is accused for pedophilia and was extremely close with Jeffrey Epstein.
(A convicted pedophile)
Research Epstein Island, Lolita express
(if you have a strong stomach)
This is true and false again. Prince Andrew was known to be an associate of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide before his trial in New York on sex-trafficking charges. Andrew has not cooperated with investigators looking into his knowledge of Epstein's crimes, and, to date, he has been officially accused of nothing other than blocking the investigation and lying about his alleged cooperation.
Research Pizzagate
(if you can handle it)
Put simply, Pizzagate is described as a wild conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton, devil worship, sex-trafficking, child rape and more. The DCist summed it up here:

A popular D.C. pizzeria and a number of surrounding businesses are being inundated with death threats because of a mushrooming online conspiracy theory accusing them of being at the center of an international child trafficking ring tied to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, satanism, and punk bands. How did this happen? As what's being called Pizzagate shows, when the right conditions are present, the web can be used to perpetuate wildly irresponsible nonsense that has very real world effects.

The theory of the Pizzagate true believers is a work in progress, but the gist is that close allies of Hillary Clinton are using secret areas of Chevy Chase's Comet Ping Pong to rape children as part of a broader child trafficking operation in which "pizza" is used as code for kids. It first appeared on the politics message board of 4chan, a hive of internet trolling, metastasized on the biggest pro-Donald Trump subreddit, served as a convenient distraction for institutions loyal to Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and is now percolating on forums across the internet, as self-identified "investigators" comb the web for further clues. In the process, the frenzied pedo-truthers have published the personal information of numerous private citizens and bombarded their social media accounts, homes, and places of business with graphic threats."

But there is no proof to back up the suggestion that "Pizzagate" is reality.
▪️Wiki leaks exposed Hillary Clinton for being a child sex trafficker (along with Obama, Podesta and many other people in power) and she conveniently deletes over 300,000 emails, and destroys a laptop and mobile phone she used while in office... and gets away with it??
No, WikiLeaks did not "expose" that Hillary Clinton deleted 300,000 emails. It was more in the area of 30,000 -- and the FBI recovered about 17,000, according to reports. Clinton has admitted this and it led to the "Lock Her Up" cry among conservatives pushing for the presidential election of Trump.
Also, there is no evidence former President Barack Obama or former Bill Clinton chief of staff and Obama counselor John Podesta "and many other people in power" were child sex traffickers. Further, there is no evidence that Clinton destroyed a laptop. As for a mobile phone that she "used while in office" as U.S. secretary of state under Obama, the FBI report on her did quote a staffer saying that he -- not Clinton -- destroyed old devices. And, since none of them have been charged with any criminal wrongdoing, there is no evidence that Clinton and others got away with any crimes.
This claim gained traction with a Trump tweet in 2017:
And it was not denied in the mainstream media, as shown by this video from CNN:
▪️Trump gets elected.
Yes, Trump was, as noted, elected in 2016 to the White House, and is the Republican incumbent facing re-election in November.
▪️Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood's biggest germ was finally arrested for sex crimes (another elite pedo) .. all of a sudden he gets the "virus"...?
While it is true that Weinstein, a former Hollywood film producer and convicted sex offender who was sentenced to 23 years in prison, had contracted -- then was found clear of -- the novel coronavirus, there is no proof that he "suddenly" contracted the potentially deadly virus. The virus is in quotes in the post, suggesting the novel coronavirus, and the COVID-19 disease it causes may not be real. This, despite records showing that more than 7.25 million people worldwide have been reported infected with the coronavirus, while upward of 411,500 people have died from it as of June 10.
▪️Prince Charles & now also the Queen conveniently have the "virus", yet the queen fled the palace to self isolate weeks ago...?
Prince Charles was diagnosed with the virus, but he later recovered, according to reports. The queen, on the other hand, has not been diagnosed with the virus, although she did give a speech about the nation's plans to attack COVID-19. From the BBC:
▪️All of your Hollywood favourites have the virus. Adrenochrome is your topic here, research it.
On this one, we will leave the first part alone since Lead Stories has no way of knowing "your Hollywood favourites." But it does mention adrenochrome, a purported compound formed by the oxidation of adrenaline, as a topic to be researched. Lead Stories has investigated and debunked several claims about adrenochrome. Read why it is a myth in this story: Fact Check: Lady Gaga Did NOT Participate In 'Vile, Sickening' Blood Drinking Ritual Pertaining To 'Adrenochrome And Spirit Cooking'
On to the next claim:
▪️Bill gates is pushing vaccines and global depopulation, and he conveniently owns 15% of the WHO (World Health Organisation). Yes, the WHO is a business, go figure. Which is also owned by George Soros and the Rockerfellers. Don't know them? Research them. (This information alone should make your stomach churn).
Gates' philanthropy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, does fund a large portion of WHO, particularly after the United States -- which had been the biggest monetary contributor to the health organization -- temporarily froze its participation in the organization. But Gates does not "own 15% of the WHO," and WHO is not a business, but rather part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group.
As for the pushing vaccines, this is true. Vaccines are part of the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist's chief objectives with his foundation, which has also given large sums to battle COVID-19. As for pushing global depopulation, this false, as Lead Stories has already debunked. Our story is titled Fact Check: NO Plan By Bill Gates And The Vatican To Depopulate World With Coronavirus Vaccine; Video Misinterprets Gates' Speech
▪️Google is currently uncensored and you can access this information. (Why now?)
Whilst you're there, keep googling "Adrenochrome" and start to follow the trail...
While it is true that Google is technically "uncensored," there are barriers to finding things like child pornography and other topics that give rise to the dark net. And Lead Stories has already, above, addressed adrenochrome.
An Adrenochrome batch was made in Wuhan... how fitting...?
(Connecting the dots yet?)
There is nothing, other than social media, including this Facebook post, to suggest that Wuhan, China, the city believed to be ground zero for the novel coronavirus, is the source of an "adrenochrome batch." The second part asks if people are "connecting the dots yet?" Lead Stories can't answer for the public consuming this post.
▪️US has deployed 30,000 troops to Europe. "for training". Without masks or any hand sanitizer...
This claim appears here on March 4 from Business Insider as part of an exercise to determine if the U.S. has "the bandwidth to fight a major war." But the story says it was 20,000 troops, not 30,000, as reported here, which is also the story claiming they were sent without protective gear as the coronavirus was fast spreading across the globe. The timing of the troop movement came even as the United States had raised alarms about civilians in Europe and imposed travel restrictions, and the virus, it was reported, canceled out the exercise.
Then, on June 5, the day after the Facebook post making these claims, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post reported that the United States was planning to slash its troop presence in Germany by 25 percent to more than 30 percent, leaving about 25,000 total troops. There has been no formal announcement on the plans by the White House on the reports of troop reductions -- which blindsided and upset a key ally in Germany.
▪️600 Mexican drug cartels have recently been arrested, one of the biggest busts in history by the U.S... why didn't we hear about that?
Trump openly speaks about this more and more in his daily press releases as the days roll on, speaking about winning the 'war, and barely mentioning the actual virus in his 'Coronavirus' briefings.
While it is true that 600 Mexican cartel members were arrested in Project Python, it is false to suggest that 600 actual cartels were rounded up. According to the Independent:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) have made more than 600 arrests as part of 'Project Python', an interagency operation targeting Mexican drug cartel activity.

The DEA-led initiative focused on members of Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG), one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world, who were monitored by federal law enforcement officials over a six month period.

The agencies announced that the operation resulted in 600 arrests nationwide, 350 indictments and seizures of money and drugs.

The next claim, which is true, reads:
▪️ 298 Saudi's royals, billionaires, lawyers and judges were recently arrested for crimes and corruption.
The arrests, according to Human Rights Watch, raised serious legal and rights issues:

Saudi Arabia's new mass arrest of 298 government employees on suspicion of corruption raises human rights concerns, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi authorities should immediately reveal the legal and evidentiary basis for each person's detention and make certain that each person detained can exercise their due process rights.

Saudi Arabia's previous corruption crackdown, in November 2017, included the detention of dozens of prominent businessmen, royal family members, and current and former government officials for three months at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. While the people were in detention, the authorities pressured them to hand over assets to the state in exchange for their release, outside of any recognizable legal process. Some of those detained in November 2017 remain in detention without charge, including Turki bin Abdullah, the son of the late King Abdullah and the former governor of Riyadh; Adel al-Fakih, a former minister; and Bakr Binladin, a construction mogul.

"The fight against corruption is no excuse for flagrant due process violations and preventing people from mounting an adequate defense," said Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. "Given their track record of abuse, the Saudi authorities should make fundamental reforms to the justice system to ensure that the accused will not be railroaded in unfair legal proceedings."

The Saudi Press Agency first reported the arrests.

▪️3 Chinese including 1 Harvard professor were prosecuted for economic espionage a few weeks ago.. which is all extremely relevant to Wuhan, Covid-19 and everything that's going on right now. Research this.
While it is true that three Chinese researchers and a Chinese professor at Harvard University were charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with lying about their connections to China in an allege bid to steal scientific and technological secrets, this happened in January -- not "a few weeks ago." And it is false to suggest any connection between the arrests and COVID-19, as the post claims.
▪️Trump crashed the Fed bank, they bought all of the gold and now hold the keys to creating a gold back currency, removing the fiat. The fed and treasury were basically merged meaning that Trump is now the Chairman for the global banking system with the people's money. Not the rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros, Goldman the list goes on.. this is HISTORIC.
The crux of this claim is that "Trump is now the Chairman for the global banking system with the people's money." This is false. The economy, while apparently starting to rebound, did crash under Trump due in large measure to the coronavirus outbreak -- not at his direction, although he did press the normally independent Federal Reserve to lower rates, and that did occur. Trump has also gotten behind the idea of reverting to a gold-backed currency system, but nothing definitive has happened and his own Fed nominee, Judy Shelton, has said this could take any form to replace paper currency -- including cryptocurrency.
Also, the Fed did not actually merge with Treasury Department, as explained by Brookings Institution. Rather, it developed a closer relationship -- one that has caused concern -- to pass the CARES Act to offer $454 billion in relief during the coronavirus pandemic:

In passing the CARES Act of 2020, Congress created something new under the sun: a Treasury fund of some $454 billion that must be invested in Federal Reserve (Fed) created emergency facilities. America has never seen anything like it. This explainer walks through what this new fund is, what it isn't, and what the public can expect from these resources as they are deployed.


Section 4003 of the CARES Act designates $500 billion for the Treasury to use in specific ways. It gives Treasury $46 billion for specific sectoral lending mostly within aviation--$29 billion for airlines and air carriers, $17 billion for "businesses critical to maintaining national security." Treasury enjoys substantial autonomy with the terms of these funds. The remaining $454 billion has a single purpose for Treasury to use it: "investments in programs or facilities established by" the Federal Reserve.

In other words, Congress just appropriated almost half a trillion dollars for one part of the government to invest in another.

Put another way:

What is simply happening is that the FED has given the Treasury department access to its printing press. Whatever the Treasury department needs to purchase in the financial markets, the FED is sure to provide the money. In essence, the Treasury Department appears to be in control of the central bank.
That claim continues into the next, which says:
▪️For this to be possible, the economy must be crashed. All corrupt coin needs to be drained. A 14-28 day lock down is the best way to do this and even better way to re-distribute the money back to people on government grants, payg refunds for business and ato offsets.. making sense yet? No longer will 99% of the worlds wealth be owned by an evil, greedy and corrupt 1%.
Believe what you want. Take what I say with a grain of salt... but open your eyes beyond the virus... and gosh.. just do some research! It's all happening.
The economy did enter into a recession in February, it was announced June 8. But the market, on the same day, regained the 2020 wipeout that was due mainly to the pandemic and the lockdown of the economy to halt the spread of the virus. As for the lockdown and disbursement of government funds to people reversing the "99% of the world's wealth be[ing] owned by an evil, greedy and corrupt 1%," that's anybody's guess.
▪️Dozens of the worlds most powerful CEO's have stood down.. why? Disney, Microsoft, Groupon and over 1300 of the top CEO's.. gone. This was before the crash mind you... what are they running from???
While it is true that 1,300 top executives left their posts in 2019, this was pre-coronavirus and there is no evidence that any of them had early indications that a pandemic was coming. As NBC News lays out last November 6 in a story titled "Why have more than 1,300 CEOs left their post in the past year," the reasons vary from the #MeToo movement's taking down some execs to others taking huge payouts and still others just coming to a natural end of their tenure -- at about the five-year mark. "Boards have been too compliant and they're finally recognizing it's their job to be vigilant about chief executive misbehavior," said one advocate for corporate governance to NBC.
▪️Thousands of arrests have been made for child trafficking, human trafficking and sex abuse.. but the media is not telling you that... what are they hiding? Nurses are coming forward speaking publicly about the fact they're treating hundreds of children in hospitals right now.. not for Coronavirus but for malnutrition, some extremely deformed, and all with extreme psychiatric damage due to trauma.
Lead Stories has previously investigated and debunked claims that many thousands of children kidnapped and kept in underground tunnels have been freed in the first half of 2020 and that they are being treated in hospitals. For the our examinations of the evidence, read Fact Check: Military Did NOT Rescue Over 35,000 'Malnourished, Caged Children' Out of US Tunnels and Fact Check: 'Thousands Upon Thousands' Of Children Purportedly Kidnapped By A Satanic Pedophile Ring Have NOT Been 'Pulled From Underground Bunkers'
The articles also apply to the last claim inf the post -- that the media are never-minding great Trump accomplishments and ignoring epic world and national problems, like hunger, the economy, trafficking in people and drugs, and more.
▪️It's widely known there are underground tunnel systems (research D.U.M.B ) that have been used for decades to traffick people for sex slaves and organ harvesting, across the globe. There is currently a monumental military operation going down, lead by POTUS to uncover these children, arrest those involved, and stop this evil once and for all.
Tunnel systems for drugs, sneaking people over the southern U.S. border and traffcking is a long-standing problem in the know by authorities and the media. Trump is not the first to attack it, and there is no proof that Trump has made any further headway than past administrations in ridding the world of "this evil once and for all."
The rest of the post tries to explain and hold together the 22 points above it. The remainder is in the screenshot below:

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